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Published: 05th January 2010
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Hemorrhoid is getting fashionable these days and there are lots of folks that suffer from this type of illness. This is the reason there are lots of people that are on the lookout for the right hemorrhoid treatment.

actually there are heaps of cures out in the market like those over the counter medicines and surgery. But before rushing out to the surgeon for surgery treatment of hemorrhoid, try some hemorrhoid home treatment first. These natural home treatments can offer you fast relief.

You can try those over the counter medications like those pain relievers. You've got to choose those medicines that can relieve the discomfort and swelling. You have to choose something that can last for few hours.

If you want to reduce the swelling and soreness of your hemorrhoid, you can apply ice packs on the affected area. But you have got to make sure that you do apply the ice to the areas affected or prolong the application because this may damage the tissue. You can apply the ice pack for few minutes then take it off and repeat the application after some few mins. After applying ice packs, the swelling and soreness of the haemorrhoid will be lessen. You have to dump the swelling first so that you will be ready to get rid of the agony, because swelling of your hemorrhoid what's what cause you pain.

there also are other ingredients at home that will help you in treating your hemorrhoid. Many of these products has been discovered many years gone and proven to work. Mixture of some minced garlic, raw potato and some olive oil could be a simple vitamin E. Each ingredients are anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-fungal itself. These straightforward ingredients have the same effects like those prescribe drugs.

Without your knowledge, there are some ingredients in your kitchen that will be use as hemorrhoid treatment. Almost all of the time you use them without any farther information that the ingredients that you are using is the treatment that you are searching for so long. These easy ingredients are better pile treatment than those medicines prescribe by the surgeon. They're less expensive and less distressing. And because these materials are being used I the kitchen, then you are sure that they're safe and cost effective.

bear in mind that prevention is better than cure so you've got to take some foods that will help you forestall haemorrhoid. But once haemorrhoid exist already it is better to use natural hemorrhoid treatment.

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